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Veneto, 36027


Made in Italy and hand-decorated ceramics of Bassano del Grappa. Flowers, roses and fruit home accessories and decor.


Italian hand-made and hand-decorated ceramic. Possibility to customize.

Company profile of Ceramiche FL Orgia, Campagnaro Fabrizio e Loriano, hand-made ceramic technique and production.

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Ceramiche d'arte F.L. SnC was funded in 1965 with the name Ceramiche d'arte Orgia SnC, a typical Italian company founded by three members: Campagnaro Orfeo, Gastaldello Antonio and Battilana Giovanni.

Thanks to the previous experience of the owners, the brilliant historical phase, and the particular position of our laboratory (between Nove and Bassano del Grappa), our business started very well. The results of this work has been recognized, during the next decades, by several Italian institutions through many Awards.

The early production followed the old style, mainly baroque with a decorative purpose, and a strong use of the decorative techniques based on Gold and Platinum. Years 70s and 80s were very prosperous thanks to the ceramic boom and the expansion of the Italian market.

Between 1970 and 1975, our laboratory created the "Ceramic basket with fruits" which opened a new important export business with the United States. The success was great, the production started immediately and the export kept increased during the subsequent years.

In the end of years 70s, Fabrizio and Loriano Campagnaro started their career in the company, eventually taking over the business as owners. For our organization, the experience that the Campagnaro brothers acquired over the decades, represents a new advantage. 

From 1995 to 2005 completely new shapes were created re-designing the company's style and re-organizing the old collections previously in production. Thus, our catalog grew in terms of variety and options counting more than 500 item numbers.

In 2006 Ceramiche d'arte Orgia SnC changed name to Ceramiche d'arte F.L. SnC. At the same time, Orfeo Campagnaro left the company which fell in control of the two sons, Fabrizio and Loriano.

Loriano e Fabrizio Campagnaro, owners

Loriano e Fabrizio Campagnaro, owners

Filiberta Baggio, sales

Filiberta Baggio, sales

Gabriele Campagnaro, marketing

Gabriele Campagnaro, marketing

During these last years, the owners have started a new cooperation with important designers and specialized artisans. The outcome is three new collections which very differs from the previous production, and are characterized by higher quality and better accuracy. These lines are "Gold Collection", "Gold Leaf Collection", and "Shells Collection". 

Nowadays we take high care of the production process and innovation is our key of success. Every single week new ideas pup up and new art pieces are created. Only the best creations will be later presented at the fair.

The production process respects the old techniques and has been improved by modern systems which provide a better finishing and quality. The raw is pumped up by an advanced and safe system. Our products go through many cooking processes in big furnaces, also these systems are safe and they give us high control on the stage which can be adjusted to assure the best quality.

Eventually, thanks to the expert hands of our artisans, each detail is decorated and finished complying with the specific customer's request.